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Dementia Experience

The Dementia Experience is an experiential learning tool. It is a learning opportunity for staff and volunteers who work with persons with dementia.

The Dementia Experience is made up of a number of steps. First, participants are “geared up” to simulate physical changes associated with aging, e.g.: hearing and vision loss, compromised mobility, and weakened muscle strength.  Then the second stage of the Dementia Experience begins.  With the use of a cane, walker or wheelchair participants are escorted to another room and assigned five tasks to complete. The participants’ behaviours, coping and problem solving skills are observed and documented.  The observations for behaviours such as wandering, rummaging, touching everything, repetitive questions, frustration, agitation, obsessive tendencies and talking to themselves are noted and “charted”.  Once the Dementia Experience is complete, a group debrief takes place to allow participants to share their learning moments.


For more information, contact your Public Education Coordinator in your local area.