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Remember Me

Our goal: To raise $3 million to prepare our organization for the growing occurrence of dementia in our community

Today, we are at a tipping point. The number of Canadians with dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease is rising sharply, due primarily to our aging population. We are seeing a rapid increase in demand for services in our community. In order to meet the need, we are launching a $3 million initiative, the Remember Me campaign, which will allow us to prepare for the growing number of people living with dementia in our communities.

Three ways your financial support can make a difference

Dementia Education

In our urban areas, the current average time for access to education is 3 MONTHS.  We urgently need to eliminate wait times, allowing more families immediate access to vital education supports like First Link. In our rural areas, our challenge is access to transportation. In both, we want to offer more opportunities to learn about dementia, develop realistic expectations, and plan for their future together.

Our plan is to provide additional dementia education opportunities for families and healthcare professionals.  We will customize our approach in delivery, including bringing our educator into the person’s home. We want to work with families to develop realistic expectations and plan for their future together. We will accomplish this goal by creating four new Public Education Coordinator positions and by investing in the latest training and resource materials for them.

Goal: $1 million

Support & Counselling

We are witnessing increasingly complex family dynamics and situations in persons living with dementia. In order to manage these situations, there is a greater need for additional in-home visits.  As well, our Counsellors spend more time working with family members and allied healthcare professionals to develop an individualized response to help a person remain in their home as long as possible. Often the only support a family has is an Alzheimer Society Counsellor.

Our plan is to improve access to more intensive supports such as individual and family counselling, coping strategies, advocacy, and referrals to community resources for those most in need. We will accomplish this goal by creating six new counselling positions which will enable our counselling team to give the appropriate time and care to a persons living with dementia.

Goal: $1.6 million

Health & Wellness Activities

Healthy living practices and creative arts experiences play a major role in improving the lives of persons living with dementia.  This includes regular exercise, visual arts, music, and opportunities for social engagement. Research shows that participation in programs like this can help delay the progression of symptoms. The Alzheimer Society designs programs with the person with dementia in mind – creating opportunities for friendship, laughter, and meaningful conversation for persons living with dementia and caregivers.

Our plan is to improve access to health and wellness activities that offer an opportunity for social interaction, and specialized mental and physical exercises known to improve health and well-being. We will accomplish this goal by expanding our programs into currently under-served communities and developing new programs to meet the physical, social and emotional needs of our clients.

Goal: $400,000

The future of dementia care is in your hands

Care and compassion are hallmarks of the Alzheimer Society. Over the years, our team of educators and counsellors has been accessible without delay and our facilities have become a home away for home for so many families affected by dementia. We have leveraged our resources with those of our community partners and volunteers to provide our families with quality and individualized care. We have educated, supported, laughed and cried with families who have travelled the dementia journey. However, now, we are at a tipping point.

We want your help. As we assess our current situation and look forward to an expected 14% growth (by 2020) in demand for our services, we recognize that we can no longer provide the same quality of care that we have given to so many families without your financial support. It is our responsibility to be there for the next person and family that receives a dementia diagnosis, will you join us and invest in dementia care in our community?