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NEW: Introducing Social Programs!

Did you know that we launched three new ‘Social Programs’ this Fall? One of our team members, Nicole, sat down with Public Education Coordinator (and Recreation Therapist!) Laurie Ball to get all the info on these exciting new virtual programs! 

Keep reading to learn more about each of these programs, and get a taste of what you can expect as a participant. When you’re ready to register, please call Laurie to register at 1-888-343-1017 ext. 421.

Hi, Laurie! Thanks for sitting down for this interview. I hear we have some exciting new programs for Fall — what are they called and when do they happen? 

Laurie Ball, Public Education Coordinator

Yes! We are so excited about our three new online group programs: 

Tuesdays we have the Together Apart Group at 11AM 

Thursdays at 2pm is the Thursday Social Club 

Once per month on the third Friday of the month we have our Lunch and Chat group 

Don’t forget we have Laughter Yoga as well on Thursdays at 10AM... but that’s not a new program! It’s something we have been doing for years that folks still really love! 


What is a “social” program? 

A social program is anything that brings people together. Often, social programs involve doing a group activity, such as a playing a game, or it could be as simple as chatting together over a meal. 

The goal is to build a feeling of community and togetherness, while having fun!  


Can you briefly describe each new program for me, and what I could expect if I participated in one of these programs? 

The Tuesday ‘Together Apart’ Group is a morning group where we get together online and I have some kind of activity prepared. It could be anything from Trivia to reminiscing. We socialize have fun and there are usually some laughs as well.   

The Thursday Social Club is set up much the same as the Tuesday group, this just happens in the afternoon. I have different activities on Tuesday and Thursday so people can feel free to come to both and will have different activities, IT IS NOT the same activity from Tuesday repeated on Thursday.  

The monthly Lunch and Chat group happens on the third Friday of the month and it is where we get together online and have our lunch together and chat.  

All of these programs are comfortable, no-pressure situation where you can come as you are and participate in whatever way feels good for you! 


Ready to register? Call Laurie at 1-888-343-1017 ext. 421


Who are these programs for? 

These programs are for those living with memory loss and their care partners. Sometimes it might be for a couple to have fun together with me, or other times, or it can be an opportunity for the person living with memory loss to join in while the care partner does another activity that brings them joy.  

I say the more the merrier. It is for anyone that is registered with the society that wants to have fun!!!! 


What words of encouragement or tips can you offer to help someone over that ‘hump’ of skepticism about online programming? 

I would say give it a try. I would be happy to do a Zoom Assist Session prior to the group so that we can work through the “kinks” I can show you the functions of zoom and help to make you feel comfortable before you hop onto to your first program.  

I get that “online” is new for some and sometimes it is hard to try new things. The Zoom Assist program helps give some step by step instructions over the phone to get a person comfortable to connect online. If doing this type of program ONLINE gets you nervous, know that we have done everything to keep you safe and I am here to help you get set up and comfortable using the Zoom platform. 


What inspired you and our colleagues to create these programs? 

My background is in recreation, and I’m very passionate about the ways that recreation can support brain health!  

With the pandemic continuing into the winter months, we wanted to create opportunities for our clients to expand their social circle in a safe way – by connecting with like-minded people online.  

We saw in the early days of Covid-19 how difficult (and even painful) that isolation can be, and we wanted to give people a few weekly opportunities to connect with some smiling faces and enjoy some company. 


Ready to register? Call Laurie at 1-888-343-1017 ext. 421


Is there anything else you think that our community should know about these fantastic programs? 

These programs are open to anyone that is registered with our Society (you can get registered by calling your local office!). Whether you or your loved one were in a Day Program before, or you are living in long term care.  

We are hoping that offering this type of programming might help to minimize the behaviours that might come about from being lonely and isolated. 


Have more questions? Please contact Laurie directly at or 519-759-7692 ext 421 

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