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Participate in Research

The following is a list of research program seeking research participants. In order to be on our website, the programs have achieved ethics approval from their affiliated post-secondary institutions and are focused on improving dementia care or knowledge. Contact information for each is included in the links listed.

Supporting Caregivers of persons with dementia in Long Term Care

Researchers:McMaster University & University of Alberta & Alzheimer Society of Alberta and Northwest Territories
Who can participate:Persons who are actively providing care to a friend or family member who is an older person with dementia residing in a long term care
What is involved:You will be randomly assigned to one of two ways of supporting caregivers. You will be asked to answer some questions by phone
Contact:Click Here

Advanced Care Planning study

Researchers:McGill University & McMaster University
Who can participate:Persons living with early stage dementia and their family members or friends.
What is involved:You will be contacted by a researcher, answer questions verbally then other questions in written format
Contact:Click Here

Understanding the specific experiences of older adult caregivers.

Researchers:Baycrest & University of Toronto
Who can participate:People over the age of 80 who are caring for a partner with dementia
What is involved:You will be asked to participate in 2 or 3 interviews, each lasting about 1-1.5 hours. The interviews will take place at a place and time most convenient to you
Contact:Click Here

Focused Ultrasound therapy

Researchers:Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Who can participate:individuals with a recent diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease
What is involved:Interest in progressing Focused Ultrasound therapy
ContactClick Here

Support needs and preparing for end-of-life, even if it is far away

Researchers:McMaster University
Who can participate:Persons who are providing care to a family member or friend with dementia living in a care facility
What is involved:The study will involve completing a questionnaire
Contact:Click Here